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Dust Collectors, Multi Cyclone Dust Collectors, Reverse Jet Bag Filters / Dust Collector, Pulse Jet Bag Filters / Dust Collectors, Shaker Type Dust Collectors, Cartridge Dust Collectors, Dust Extraction Systems, Industrial Dust Collection Systems, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Electromech Technical Services Based in Pune, is a professionally engaged dynamic firm in the manufacturing, Design, Consulting and export of Bag filter. Reverse jet bag filter / pulse jet dust collector. Electromech Technical services has been expertise in reverse jet bag filter / pulse jet bag filter, reverse air bag house, insertable bag filter, muticyclone dust collector manufacturer. Types available like Shaker type, Pulse Jet Type, Reverse Pulse Jet, Complete baghouse.

Electromech Technical services have a different type of models for variety of applications to handle fine dust, explosive dust, high temperature dust, adhesive dust etc. in all industrial sectors.

Finding the application usage in cement Plant, Steel Plant, Food Industries, Heat treatment plant, Pulp and Paper industries, Chemical plant , Foundries, pharmaceutical industries etc.

Electromech Technical services complete line of Dust collector equipment's offers an effective and efficient method for filtering the air borne dust generated by plant process, storage silo, receiving bin, mixers, dryers etc.

We manufacturing the reverse air filter design when the dust to be removed is very light. In such cases, the separated dust should be allowed to collect into the hopper air turbulence. Air turbulence will carry a part of the dust upward and redeposit them on the filter surface, resulting in reduction filter efficiency. Pulse jet dust collector are most commonly used dust collector for removing the dry particles from process The dust gets deposited on outer surface of cartridges and clean air flows through the center passage of cartridge into clean air plenum. Clean air further exit into atmosphere through outlet duct. Cartridge of the dust collector are periodically and automatically get cleaned through air purging. Clean air flows through the bags and is discharged Sequence circuit activates solenoid valves for high pressure air purging of preselected cartridges. Dust release from cartridges slides downward into the hopper for further collection into the dust bin.

Electromech Pulse Jet dust collector / Reverse Jet Bag House specialty :

  • Tailor made design to suit customer requirement
  • Assure high collection efficiency.
  • Efficient performance, practically no maintenance increase bag life with optimum filtration rate.
  • Long Life Dust Collector due to proper selection of filtration.
  • Low space required with very high efficiency of dust collection.
  • Low maintenance and replacement of cartridge element is easy and quick.
  • Air Filter ratio : Assure Long Life Of Cartridge.
  • Prompt after sales service to ensure uninterrupted service of our equipment’s
  • Easy avaibility of spares due to standardization of design
  • Available with all fabrics like Woven, Nonwooven, Felted, Natural fiber cellulose, Polyolefin, Natural fiber, protein, Polyamide, Acrylic, Polyester, Fibre Glass, Polymer.

OUR Range
  • Reverse Jet Bag Filter / Pulse Jet Dust Collector
  • Reverse Air Bag House
  • Insertable Bag Filter
  • Multicyclone Dust Collector

Application :
  • Chemical
  • Pulp And Paper Industres
  • Refinary
  • Power Plant
  • Cement Industry
  • Steel Industry

Commissioning :

We handle projects on a turnkey basis from concept to commissioning and tailor made system to exactly suit the process requirement.

Quality Control and Inspection

All the manufacturing, Fabrication and machining of the equipments is carried out as per relevant Indian / International standard. The quality control personal check every product as per relevant Quality Assurance plans procedures before dispatched. We provide excellent reliable sales and service.


Electromech dust collectors, are guaranteed for a period of 12 month from the date of shipment against any manufacturing defects, when properly installed, operated and service in accordance recommendations.

ELECtrOMECH TECHNICAL SERVICES, at Pune India, manufactures dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors for applications such as High dust loadings in woodworking environments, High temperatures, highly abrasive dust, Sticky dusts, For Boiler, special Purpose Projects.

Working of Multi Cyclone dust collector

1. ID Fan suction creates air velocity through cones that spins particulate to outside wall of the cone where ash spirals down the cone discharging through bottom outlet into hoppers

2. The particulate separates because it has higher specific gravity and its momentum drives it to the outside wall as the air turns. The viscosity of the air slows the smaller particles migration to the outside wall of the multicyclones.

3. Clean air spins up the outlet tube The centrifugal action of the Cyclone, created by rapid rotation of the high velocity air stream, forcibly precipitates the dust out through the bottom of the Cyclone dust collector and into a collection drum or hopper for the specific application. Storage capacities vary depending on the collection rate, with special hopper configurations available.

All models can be housed indoors or outdoors.
ELECtrOMECH Multi Cyclone Dust Collectors, Cyclone dust collectors are offered in capacities from 800 CFM to 50,000 CFM and efficiently remove moderate to large sized particles from the airstream. Fans are self-cleaning, material handling, radial blades, designed to deliver peak airflow while and the low horsepower conserves energy.

Electromech Multi cyclone dust collector improve plant performance and availability, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and improve the reliability of existing air pollution control equipment

With increasing gas volumes it is difficult to attain the desired dust collection efficiency in a single cyclone construction. Hence our range includes multi-cyclones with custom made sizes.

We offer multi cyclone dust collectors like twin cyclone dust collectors, quad cyclone dust collectors & double quad cyclone dust collectors. Multi Cyclone dust collectors are also called as cyclone dust separators due to its ability to settle the beiger dust particles & allowing the lighter & smaller dust particles to get collected in bag houses or dust filters.

Mostly light duty cyclones are used for collection of non-abrasive, granular or fibrous dusts and shaving compared to Heavy duty cyclones which are used for collecting chips or other materials in pieces.

Application Of Areas Multi Cyclone Dust Collector:

Multicyclone Dust collection systems manufacturing, efficiency (94% to 97%) to suit Boilers of 5TPH To 55TPH Coal, Husk & Baggase Fire Boilers. Multi Cyclone dust collectors are mainly used to create a centrifugal force to separate dust from the polluted air stream.

Mostly Used In For Boiler Application

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